General questions about the operation of


After the payment of your order, our team will immediately ship the package if the products you ordered are in stock. For the orders of products in restocking as well as for the pre-orders, our team will communicate you the approximate waiting time before being shipped.

Yes, as long as the order has not been shipped. Cancellation of orders is not automatic for pre-orders and for products supplied on demand, this remains at the discretion of our sales team.

You can find on this page all the information about our prices and delivery areas: LINK. For metropolitan France, the delivery is offered from 1000€ of purchase.

For Metropolitan France


  • Products in stock : 24/48h
  • Products out of stock : Supply time + 24/48h

Scooters & Motorcycles :

  • Products in stock : 5 to 10 working days
  • Out of stock products : Supply time + 5 to 10 working days

These times may vary slightly for delivery outside of metropolitan France (see the countries served)

You will receive your purchase invoice by e-mail 6 to 48 hours after delivery or pick-up of your order. Please keep your purchase invoice in order to benefit from the warranty.

Please note that you must activate your rolling stock warranty by filling out this form: Warranty activation form.

Only orders in delivery are eligible for the right of withdrawal. You have 14 working days after delivery to make a return request and send us your order.

Please note that we only take back products in new condition. Please do your best to keep the product(s) looking good, extremely clean and working perfectly. Indeed, we don't have the critical size of giants like Amazon to repackage and resell "used" products en masse. The TécoTeam is counting on your help and understanding 🙂


To pay your order with your card VISA or MASTERCARDTo secure the transaction, our system will authenticate you via 3D-Secure.

To pay your order via AMEX, you just have to choose the payment method "credit card" during the validation of the order and to inform your card number. To secure the transaction, our system will authenticate you via 3D-Secure.

You can pay your order with your Paypal account on our website. The advantage of Paypal is that you are covered by a system of guarantee of online purchases which ensures you a delivery in conformity. We put at your disposal this means of payment mainly to reassure you as for the reliability and seriousness of our company.

To pay your order by bank transfer, you just have to choose this method of payment during the payment stage. Our system will communicate you the bank details of Tecowheel as well as the amount to transfer by e-mail.

We ship the order as soon as we receive the funds in our bank account.

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General technical information, preparation of your machine at reception, maintenance advice...

Important information If you are going to store your machine for several months, it is recommended that you charge it first. A discharged stored battery will enter a deep discharge and die permanently.

Electric Unicycle

Before use:

  • Inflate the tire to the recommended pressure
  • Charging your battery at 100%
  • Check the horizontal calibration

Maintaining a monowheel is extremely easy because of its simple and minimalist design:

  • Check the tire pressure every month to avoid punctures due to under-inflation
  • Tighten the forks if you have play in the pedals
  • Avoid jumping off the curb, it will damage your drive shaft and may cost you a lot in repairs
  • Do not ride under inflated, it is the main source of punctures
  • Do not accelerate too hard, you risk engine failure
  • Do not wear shoes with too smooth soles, you could slip off the pedals...even with a good grip

Electric scooter

Before use:

  • Assemble the electric scooter
  • Inflate tires to recommended pressure
  • Check the braking
  • Charging your battery at 100%
  • Check tire pressure every two weeks to avoid under-inflation
  • Check and tighten the screws every two weeks
  • Disc brakes: change the brake pads when they are worn, tighten the cable when it is too slack.
  • Most electric scooters are water resistant but not completely waterproof.
  • Do not ride under inflated, it is the main source of punctures


All the answers to your legal questions


  • It is Prohibited from driving under the influence of alcohol. or after using drugs
  • The conduct of an EDPM is forbidden to anyone under 12 years old
  • It is forbidden to have more than one person on the machine: the use is exclusively personal
  • It is forbidden to wear earphones or any device capable of emitting sound, or use the phone held in the hand
  • It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalk, otherwise the EDPM must be hand-held.
  • In built-up areasIf not, the EDPM can travel on roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less.
  • Out of townIn addition, they are only allowed on greenways and bicycle paths.

Your EDPM must be equipped with an effective braking system, a headlight, a brake light and a horn.

You must wear retro-reflective equipment (e.g., a vest...not necessarily yellow 🙂 , an armband, etc.)

It is not mandatory but strongly recommended to wear a helmet and protective gloves.

The maximum speed allowed by the highway code is 25 km/h. On private land, you can drive at higher speeds.

Yes, you must subscribe to a insurance minimum civil liability to be able to travel legally with your EDPM.

Note that the insurance code is distinct from the highway code and allows you to insure an EDPM that can go up to a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

  • If you do not respect the traffic rules or if you carry a passenger: 35€.
  • If you drive on a sidewalk without being authorized or if you disable the machine: 135€.
  • At night or during the day when visibility is insufficient, if you are not wearing a vest or retro-reflective equipment: 35€.
  • If you push or tow a load with your EDPM or if you are towed: 35€.

You do not need a permit to drive in the EDPM


For 50cc equivalents, you don't need a license if you were born before 1987, otherwise you need a license of X nature; The TécoTeam details all the applicable rules in the following article: Regulation of permits.

Your scooter or electric motorcycle must be insured with a minimum of civil liability insurance. To drive your 2-wheeler, you must wear a helmet and approved gloves.

Yes, to insure your electric scooter or motorcycle, you can use the services of our partner insurer: ASSURANZ

Our partner is very available, fast, reliable and competitive.


The new mobilities are encouraged by the public authorities, here are some current devices

Electric scooters and motorcycles

Fixed : 400€

For whom? Individuals and companies domiciled in Paris intra-muros.


  • Be domiciled in Paris
  • Scooter power >= 2000W
  • Scooter equivalent 50cm3
  • Eligible companies: Individuals, VSEs, SMEs < 50 employees

Rules applicable to the amount : 

  • Fixed amount
Maximum : 1500€

For whom? Companies domiciled in the IDF region.


  • Be a company: Individual, VSE, SME < 50 employees
  • Less than 10 million euros in sales
  • 5 scooters maximum per legal entity
  • 1 year of seniority minimum
  • Prior approval from the region before purchasing the scooters (you must request a quote to the concessionaire, put together the file with the region, wait for the agreement before proceeding with the purchase)

Rules applicable to the amount : 

  • Capped at 70% of the purchase amount excluding VAT
Maximum : 900€

For whom? : Everybody !


  • Scooter power >= 3000W
  • Keep the vehicle 12 months or 2000 km

Rules applicable to the amount : 

  • 250€ per KWh of battery
  • If there are several batteries in the scooter, only one will be taken into account
  • Capped at 27% of the purchase price including tax