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TECOWHEEL is a reference for "less polluting" urban mobility in France and neighbouring countries. Our PREMIUM range of electric scooters, gyroroues, electric skates, motorcycles and scooters We deliver free of charge anywhere in France* and offer free trials at our showrooms (Schedule a testAt TECOWHEEL, we provide quality after-sales service and ensure that the customer's experience does not end with the purchase (SEE OUR SOAP POLICY).

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very good value for money

8 months ago
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Arthur Enzo Grenno
Arthur Enzo Grenno
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No second charger, no time display on the screen

11 months ago
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Stéphane Vazia
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Pas aussi confirtable que je ne l imaginais...petite préférence pour la ks

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The TecoGuide


Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation offered by TECOWHEEL:

A gyro-wheel?

The gyroroue, or electric monowheel, is the most practical multi-modal means of transport we have in our catalog, thanks to its very compact format.

The gyro-wheel is a real Swiss army knife, it will be able to transport you from A to B with great efficiency because of its flexible use.

For short distances, you can use the bicycle paths, but if the distance is too great, you can use public transport!

Be careful, however, to take into account the learning curve, which may be longer or shorter depending on the person.

PS: The great majority of the gyroroues are equipped with a trolley which avoids you to carry the machine when you walk.

The pluses and minuses.

- Very compact
- High-performance
- Practical in the city
- Great autonomy
- Low maintenance
- Ski-like driving experience
- Very economical
- Requires learning
- Fatigue on very long journeys

An electric skateboard?

The electric skateboard is generally quite light (<10 kg), compact and easy to transport. It is quite feasible to use the e-skateboard on combined trips with public transport.

The electric skateboard is the coolest of all the TECOWHEEL machines.

The models of major brands available on the market (OnewheelBoosted, Dot...) are reliable, waterproof and efficient.

However, be careful when using it in paved areas, it is clearly not suitable, except for the Onewheel.

PS: the rider of an electric skateboard is more active than a scooter or scooter driver.

The pluses and minuses.

- Nice driving sensations
- Lightweight
- Sportsman
- High performance
- Very economical
- Fast learning
- Cool
- Fun
- Unsuitable for pavement
- Small wheels

An electric scooter?

The electric scooter has the great advantage of being foldable and compact, which makes it possible to carry it by hand and to store it in small spaces.

There is a whole spectrum of electric scooter sizes, more or less compact, more or less heavy, more or less powerful and comfortable... For short and long distances.

We recommend that you avoid:

  • The e-scooters with a weight lower than about fifteen kg because these often prove to be fragile with the use and undergo breakage and breakdowns with repetition.
  • White label e-scooters.

PS: a civil liability insurance is compulsory to ride an e-scooter.

The pluses and minuses.

- Foldable
- Economical
- A wide variety of models available
- No learning curve required
- High-performance
- Dangerous if :
-- The chassis is of poor quality
-- The wheels are too small (<10")
-- Insufficient braking
-- Unreliable electronics
- High weight on solid, high performance models

An electric scooter?

The electric scooter, like the scooter in general, is a practical, comfortable (compared to the motorcycle) and economical way to travel.

Indeed, the vast majority of electric scooters of the market have one or more extractable batteries that you can recharge at home, on the classic 220V, all for a few cents!

Note that the French state, some regions and some municipalities heavily subsidize the purchase of an electric scooter.

The pluses and minuses.

- Two seats
- Can be used for professional purposes (Delivery...)
- Easy to drive (100% automatic)
- Comfortable
- Removable batteries
- Subsidized
- Some models have a very long range (>150 km)
- License, insurance, gloves, helmet, fines...

An electric motorcycle?

The electric motorcycle, like the internal combustion motorcycle, generally has a sportier appearance than the scooter, which is confirmed in practice when driving.

The electric motorcycle is advantageous compared to the thermal competitor when it comes to the wallet: the maintenance is not very constraining and is concentrated on the transmission belt if the model is equipped with it, on the braking system as well as on the tire... We are very far from the heavy revisions to be carried out at regular intervals on a thermal motorcycle.

The electric motorcycles are 100% automatic (no shifting), have amazing acceleration and are quieter than the thermal ones, to the delight of the neighborhood.

The pluses and minuses.

- Sporting aspect
- Extraordinary driving sensation
- Quieter than a combustion engine
- Less comfortable than the scooter
- Battery(ies) not removable on some models


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